UPS Application Re-Design

UX Design | Interaction Design |2021



United Postal Service(UPS) is a very well known web and mobile-based platform designed to allows users to ship, track, manage their packages/documents worldwide. The estimated 2019 global delivery volume is around 5.5 billion packages and documents. The mobile application is always a convenient option for the users than going to the stores or browsing on the website.

User Interviews
Heuristic Evaluation
Competitive Analysis
Behavioral Profiles
Interaction Design
Usability Testing

My Role

Software Used: Axure, Balsamiq, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD
Team count : 4
Duration: 4 Months
Need to find the pain points of the users and design issues according to heuristic rules of design in the existing UPS Mobile Application to accomplish the following goals :
  • To provide the user with a hassle-free experience 
  • To increase user engagement
  • The growth of UPS mobile app users
Problem Scoping
Design Process
Background: Company's Goals and Motivation

UPS mobile application has been rated less than its competitors. The user experience of this application was not satisfactory and which can be seen by customers' reviews and ratings of the mobile app in the app store and google store. Most people choose to go to the ups store directly and just use the app for tracking purposes but still complain due to confusion and available customer support.

Lack of visibility of features and functionality
Modify shipping easily
No Accessible service 
Provided Complex information 
No freedom of control for users

The better approach to solve this problem would be USER - CENTERED DESIGN THINKING.

It includes:

  • Identify users, empathize, ideate, and shape up the solution to improve its user's engagement

  • Research the company motivation behind the UPS mobile app service to find out important features and functionality.


The company's objective and the app's core features are:

  • To provide the user with an easier and personalized experience to send/receive their shipment and manage it.

  • UPS has more than 4700 locations throughout the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico. 

  • As an expert-reviewed from US consumer affairs, the Ups service is best for small businesses that regularly ship overseas or domestically.

  • Streamline the process of shipping for your business with UPS Internet shipping.

  • This feature helps you automate paperwork, create a bill of loading for freight shipments using saved addresses and commodity information, and take care of printing labels and paying for shipping online.

User Research
User Interviews and Review Summary

To understand the user's needs and problems, we interviewed some users. We conducted unstructured interviews in RIT students (my friends) by shadowing/observations and followed by a questionnaire which helps in understanding their motivations and frustration. We have also gathered information from app reviews from the app store and google store so that we can understand the broader picture with a larger number of audiences. 

Sample Review 

      I really dislike it when people review the company instead of the app itself first. The app is just clunky and really poorly developed. The user interface is cluttered and the tracking rarely syncs up well. It also has limited functionality with many missing features that must be completed on the UPS site. What’s the point of creating an app when I have to logon on to the UPS homepage to actually get what I need, done. Actually, even their homepage is awful too.

Competetive Analysis

Studying the interaction flow and the features/functionality of the successful shipping company's mobile applications which will provide the depth of information and interaction design which  engage the users the most.


Application Name: FedEx


  • Manages the shipping

  • Information about the shipping status

  • Tracking features

  • Clear shipping features

Application Name: USPS


  • Calculate shipping prices

  • Find a Post Office

  • Schedule a next-day pickup

  • Request USPS to hold your email access Informed Delivery to track packages

  • Digitally preview incoming mail


We have consolidated User research based on:


User Interviews


User Reviews


Competitive Apps

Environmental Profile

The UPS app is a mobile application used on mobile phones and tablets by a variety of people. Users may use the application on the go, at work, or in the comfort of their homes.

Cultural Profile
User Profile
Heuristic Evaluation
Findings and Insights
Observation and Insights from UX research
Heuristic Voilations

The UPS application may be used by people belonging to different cultural - language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music, arts, and social backgrounds. Its international package operations include delivery to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.

We have used the additional step of heuristic evaluation which helps in finding usability issues in UI designs. Although there are many ways to conduct evaluation many experts use questions on  Jacob Nielsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design and thus, we have evaluated the mobile app and are able to find out some violations.

The whole UPS mobile application was majorly divided into four sections: shipping, managing, tracking and login pages. We have analyzed issues in every pages by design and by user experience research. I have handled the shipping area of design and made sure that the whole mobile was externally and internally consistent with other design fixes by teammates.

Some of the issues in the shipping page that I handled personally:

  • Exhaustive Form filing

  • Visibility of system status was absent in filling the form

  • Lack of user control and freedom

Some of the issues in shipping page that I handled personally:

  • Exhaustive Form filing

  • Visibility of system status was absent in filling the form

  • Lack of user control and freedom

  • It lacks minimalist information in the head of the user as the user needs to search the " UPS Express Box" dimensions on the website as they are not clear.

  • Lack of error prevention as a user doesn't know what to do if any error like UPS:8199" comes in form filling.

Shopping page Re-Design Example
  • It lacks minimalist information in the head of the user.

  • The user needs to search "UPS Express Box" for dimensions of the package according to respective names.

Alternative Design

  • Used a gallery design pattern.

  • This design pattern also gives us the space to include shipping choices, dimensions for each packaging option

  • Exhaustive form filing

  • Visibility of system status in step 1 of 3

  • Lack of user control and freedom

Usability Testing

Alternative Design

  • Used a stepper design pattern.

  • This design makes it clear to the users where they are in the process by displaying clearly the total number of steps, as well as highlighting which step they are currently on.


We recruited 5 participants for our guerilla testing with the following tasks:

Results and Reccomendations
Testing Results
Design Changes
  • Tabs in the shipping section were not sufficiently visible (visibility of system state)

  • Users find it more natural to start by entering the recipient address

  • Bottom navigation is successful, participants were able to find all items in the main navigation

  • Added stepper design pattern with the progress indicator in the “Ship a package” section to improve the visibility of system state. 

  • Changed the order of steps in the Shipping area Information: To (recipient address), From (sender address), Shipping,   Payment. Since participants expect to fill ‘recipient address’ first in the shipping form.

  • Changed the continue button in shipping menus to “next” so it doesn’t seem as final, let’s them know they’re just navigating to the next step.

  • Optional information from the shipping form was changed into responsive disclosure when a user wants to fill that information. The links to that optional entries were changed using the underlined add button.

Existing UI and Final Prototype of UPS Mobile App below: