The COVID-19 (coronavirus 2019) disease has spread across the globe. It has significantly increased psychological and physical health concerns around the world. Among the different health crises in the world, being Isolated has been noted as one of concerns in this pandemic. Isolation from your loved ones in the fear of spreading the infectious disease has brought many mental distress and boredom as consequences.
We will interview people who were infected and are able to talk about their experience when Isolated from others. Based on this qualitative research, we will draw opportunities to design a wearable which can help in creating effective communication for an infected person to mitigate the negative psychological and mental effects in such epidemic situations
My Role
Planning the Research, Quantitative Research, Contextual Interviews, Affinity Mapping, Usability Testing, Focus Groups
Software Used: Miro, Zoom
Duration: 3 Months

In this research, we are conducting user interviews to qualitatively understand the communication challenges of Covid -19 infected individuals during Isolation either in hospitals or homes. We will explore how they managed their daily routine, work and emotional state through communication and if it was helpful.

Need to find the pain points of the users and explore the opportunities to design and develop the service for  the users.

  • According to longitudinal studies, Social Isolation or Loneliness can lead to psychological effects like post -traumatic stress depression and anxiety symptoms. Due to COVID -19, infected people were quarantined in their houses or hospital from several days to several months guided by WHO guidelines.

  • In a recent review, individuals who were quarantined or isolated for a longer period have developed fear about their own health, losing jobs or infecting others and followed by depression symptoms.

  • Establishing safe and continuous communication with one’s friends and family can play an important role in mitigating such psychological effects due to Isolation.

  • However, there is no literature or study present where it is claimed that communication between Covid patients and their friends or family have significantly helped them but it has been always suggested as a solution.

  •  Due to following social distancing and followed by development of fear, anxiety, depression, there must be challenges in communication with others.

  • There is an opportunity for designers to design a communication system where individuals can help others who need medicines, groceries and other essential help which might mitigate the feeling of loneliness.

Isolation due to COVID
Isolation Causes
Fear of death
Depression and anxiety
Solution : Communication ?

Since a Human is a social animal!

Human try to communicate/ share their pain and suffering....​​​


what stopped them?....

what were the challenges ?..

what did they communicate for?...

how did they do?....

Problem Scoping

Through a qualitative structured Interviews, we are trying to understand :

  • The needs of the COVID patients

  • Their pain points and challenges in communication

  • Their psychology and mental situation

  • challenges while kept in isolation

  • How can technology can help them in such situations