Smartglass and Interface Design

Gen 9 Inc - Design Engineer Intern 

Industrial Design | UX Research| UX Design 


The Cosmos Vue eyewear was new smart eyewear designed especially hardware and software design work was achieved using user-centered approach.

My Role
User Interviews, Heuristic Evaluation, Competitive Analysis, 
Behavioral Profiles, User Flows, Interaction Design,  Usability Testing
Software Used: Axure, Balsamiq, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD
Team count : 4
Duration: 4 Months
Need to find the pain points of the users and design issues according to heuristic rules of design in the existing UPS Mobile Application to accomplish the following goals :
  • To provide the user with a hassle-free experience 
  • To increase user engagement
  • The growth of UPS mobile app users

UPS mobile application has been rated less than its competitors. The user experience of this application was not satisfactory and which can be seen by customers' reviews and ratings of the mobile app in the app store and google store. Most people choose to go to the ups store directly and just use the app for tracking purposes but still complain due to confusion and available customer support.