UX Designer inclined towards UX Research


Recently graduated from M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction.

At Rochester Institute of Technology, New York.

I have acquired skills in user research and product design.My time at RIT introduced me to the importance of accessibility and its necessity. I developed an interest in it and have been taking steps towards widening my ideas towards inclusive design and putting empathy factors into it.

The in-depth understanding of user needs and their pain points from product experience motivated me to design with a user-centered approach. I am passionate about understanding the “Why’s” and “How’s” behind design decisions. I aspire to grow to become a UX researcher and a designer in the profession.

I am following Bob Ross's videos on youtube to improve my painting skills and If I 'm not painting, in spare time I like to work on small projects to push my creative boundaries or learn new skills.

Academic to Professional